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2024 Market Forecast With Dan Habib and Dan Keller

I was able to share Dan Habib of MBS Highway in January with 100 of my favorite local realtors in the Seattle market. Dan broke down inflation, employment, FED rates, and mortgage rates in a way that real estate agents could understand and present in casual conversation with their clients. The BONUS is, I took Dan's presentation, added a couple of relevant slides and commentary that I use w/ agents and home buyers in my day-to-day conversations. Below you'll find the following: (1) my 5-min summary of Dan's 1-hr keynote (video below) (2) bonus at the end of the video w/ Warren Buffett supporting residential real estate (3) the slide deck: Dan Habib + Dan Keller info - CLICK HERE to download PDF (4) join my private RISE-MLO Community for loan officers for more info like this

Use this information to connect with more home buyers and real estate agents! If you found this helpful and want to thank me for this info, a kind Google review supporting my commitment to home buyer education would be awesome! You can leave a review here Dan Keller google review - CLICK HERE to leave me a review Thank you my friend! - DK

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