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About DK

I am a mortgage broker, but with a unique approach- I help people find money they are losing, unknowingly & unnecessarily. 

There are 2 ways people over-pay interest: (1) over the life of their mortgage, and (2) through revolving & installment debt. 

Let's connect, I'd love to show you how to save money and add to your wealth!

Dan Keller Mortgage Advisor and Speaker Momentum Builders 2022
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(Quick brag, this is awkward, but you need to know you're working with a professional, so here you go...) I've been recognized by Scotsman Guide as a Top 1% Mortgage Loan Officer in America since 2018. As well, Seattle Magazine has voted me as a 5-Star Award winner since 2014! (Ok, Ok, you get it...)  Over the years, I have become a leader in the mortgage industry by providing financial education and real estate investment education to my clients. I was an early adopter of using video and technology to make the mortgage process more simple and streamlined, and try to always stay ahead of the market for my clients!  The University of Washington has recognized my leadership in the mortgage industry, and since 2019 I have been an affiliate professor in their school of real estate. I use my Instagram, Youtube channel, personal facebook (let's connect) and Happy Homeowner Podcast to help people get the most out of their mortgage, money, and mindset! I'd encourage you to follow me on each platform for up to the hour mortgage, real estate, and market advice!

My mission is to provide a wow mortgage experience, plant seeds of financial literacy with all my clients, and ultimately, bring about financial awareness so that you can save and make the most amount of money on your mortgage!  As a Lead Mortgage Advisor, I will guide you to through one of the most stressful transitions you will ever make in life, and see that you come out the other side of homeownership in a better financial position as a result of our relationship!


I left an exciting a rewarding career as a college professor and college baseball coach in 2008 to pursue a career in mortgage and real estate finance.  Many told me it was not a smart move and I'd struggle... 15 years later, it's the best business decision I've ever made!



I've realized my true passion is  financial education. My vision is clear - to help my clients come out the other side of home ownership in a better financial position as a result of our relationship!  I believe financial awareness and a game plan is key - because retirement is NOT an age, retirement is a number, and YOU are in control of that number!


When I am not meeting with wonderful clients like you, I am with my beautiful family. Supporting my talented wife of 19 years, Jenny (@Jennycookies), she's my partner and best friend! Jenny and I have two children, Ally and Hudson, and two maltipoos Goldie and Penny!


Come join me as I continue to educate and inspire the next generation of homebuyers and homeowners!  My goal is to help you make the most educated financial decision when it comes to your mortgage and to bring about financial awareness to help you come out the other side of homeownership in a better financial position as a result of our relationship!  Let's Go!

“I’ve built a life and made a career out of “finding a way."

Professional Profile 

As a top 1% loan officer in America, I get the opportunity to influence other mortgage professionals and real estate agents both regionally and nationally. 


You’ll see me on stage from time to time as an experienced public speaker and on TV as I am often featured on MSN, FOX Business, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC.  My passion for the mortgage industry, in conjunction with my education allows me to lead a team of mortgage professionals in the Northwest and provide financial education at local high schools and the University of Washington as an affiliate professor.

Currently, I am the host of the American Dream tv show, airing on Fox and CNBC monthly. If you would like more information about joining my Team or working with us, please reach out!  

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