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Watch & Learn My 6 Steps

As a mortgage professional and having lived on this Earth for 45+ years, I've learned that people have very similar financial and life goals:

(1) to be debt-free one day.
(2) to own a home free and clear.

(3) to build wealth and retire comfortably.


That is why I view the mortgage and home buying process as "more that a mortgage".  I have come to realize the importance of a home purchase and the mortgage attached to that transaction.  I've had the time as a 15+ year veteran in the financial services industries to see my belief system come to life and make people millions, but also leave them wondering "what if" I would have done things differently...

I ask ALL of my mortgage clients regardless of your situation to watch the video I made above and also, take my "Wealth Awareness Test" below.  It's a 15 question wealth test that will help you identify if you are on track to retiring well-off, or not!  And, no, I am not a financial planner, I am happy to refer one to you, I am just a 45-yr old that has followed these simple steps for 15+ years and living proof they work (regardless of the economy). 

In closing, I believe that "retirement is NOT an age, it's a number". And since it's a number, we can control what that number is and when we reach it...  The choice is yours!


Please feel free to share this page with someone you know it may help! Between this page, guest speaking at local high schools, and teaching as an affiliate professor at the U of W, I have made teaching personal finance a passion project that I am committed to spreading!  My social media pages (instagram - @mymortgageguydan and youtube - dankellermortgage) are made for you, I've committed to providing relevant content around personal finance and helping others achieve financial freedom! 

For more info, follow me on IG and subscribe to my Youtube for updated and relevant info! Reach out to me if you have any questions or want to discuss this info in further detail! Cheers!

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