Webinar Technology That Helps You Generate Your Own Qualified INBOUND Leads 24/7 (Demo)

By far, this is the most amazing piece of technology that I have been able to wrap my hands around this year. I have purchased some software that allows me to record an interview or presentation, and then offer it on my website to consumers as a “LIVE” online workshop or webinar. It’s an automated webinar system that plays as if it were LIVE and you get all of the buyer and listing leads. More importantly, the consumer is able to IM, ask direct questions, or email you the agent during the webinar…. With this program, you are positioned as the “Pro” and the local expert in whatever you are talking about. You are able to schedule webinars 7 days/week without actually putting it on yourself, live in person. You are even able to have more than one webinar taking place at one time. The consumer must register for the FREE event by giving you their name and email address. This technology will send 3 auto-responder emails to your prospect reminding them of the webinar. Each auto-responder is customizable and you are in control of when it is sent out.

You can start (as I did) by creating a Homeownership Education Menu of current interviews or presentations that are relevant to today’s buyers and sellers. Or, simply advertise an exclusive interview or webinar on your blog, website or social media site with only a link to the registration page. Here is an example of the registration page: Exclusive Interview With Short Sale Expert 

Example Topics To Share For Consumers:
– “How to buy a home with Zero Down and get the seller to pay your closing costs”
– “5 Things Every Homebuyer Needs To Know Before Writing An Offer On a Home In Seattle”
– “The Top 3 Mistakes Homeower’s Make When Doing A Short Sale”

If you would like to begin generating leads 24/7, more importantly, qualified leads, then you can contact me at dan.mortgageadvisor@gmail.com or directly at (425) 350-7136.

I put together a short video on the process from registration to recording… simple and effective (and FREE for you as my Realtor partner)!