Why Granite Falls Prefers USDA Over FHA (Demo)

Washington State USDA Home Loan Granite Falls, WA

Even if you have a down payment required for a Washington FHA Mortgage, I still believe the Washington State USDA Home Loan Program is a better financial option [below I show you why in a side-by-side total cost comparison of FHA vs. USDA]. The USDA Home Loan does not require a down payment, nor does it require monthly mortgage insurance, unlike it’s cousin, Mr. FHA.

In this short video below, you will learn The 5 “Must Know” Criteria For Getting ApproveD For A USDA Home Loan in Granite Falls:

(1) Credit Application – credit score, employment history, debt-to-income and required cash reserves in the bank
(2) Max Household Income Guidelines For Granite Falls
(3) Granite Falls USDA Property Eligibility (home must be located in a USDA “eligible” region
(4) USDA Property Qualifying Guidelines – the home must be in “functional” condition (details in attached flyer)
(5) How to buy a foreclosure or short sale with the USDA Home Loan Program

Washington State home buyers and real estate agents choose Dan Keller and the Keller Mortgage Group as their resource when it comes to funding USDA Home Loans. The Keller Mortgage Group routinely funds Washington State USDA Home Loans in less than 25 days, offers the most competitive USDA Interest Rates in Washington State, and provides each home buyer a FREE ticket to their monthly House Key Home Buyer Education Class.

You can download or print off the above mentioned USDA Home Buyer’s Packet – [USDA Property Eligibility Report, USDA Property Appraisal Guidelines, updates USDA 30-yr Fixed Rate Quote], just by clicking on the button below.  I will send you an e-mail immediately with all of the information that you need.  For your convenience, you can also request a same day USDA Mortgage Pre-Approval as well. I look forward to helping you gather everything that you need to know about buying a home with the Washington State USDA Home Loan Program.




As always, please feel free to call me directly at (425) 350-7136 to speak with me and my Team to help you as you gather information on purchasing a home with the Washington USDA Home Loan Program. If you found this article helpful, I encourage you to share it with your friends on facebook or twitter! Thank you!

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