Three Reasons To Book Dan Keller For Your Next Real Estate Office Meeting (Demo)

Since 2011, I’ve been speaking at the Washington Realtors Association EdCon Event in Seattle, so presenting valuable information on the topics of internet marketing and video to Puget Sound Realtors is a part of my weekly schedule.

With so much continuing to change in our industry, it is important to not just stay on top of the changes, but to stay ahead.

As a Seattle area mortgage lender and successful internet marketer, I share industry related topics, marketing tools that are working, and offer clock hour courses that are designed to give you the “edge” through internet marketing and leveraging your social connections.

Right now, there are three HOT topics you as a successful real estate professional need to know:

(1) FHA Is Changing Forever (and I mean forever)

In March 2013, FHA will increase their monthly private mortgage insurance premiums once again.  But more importantly, imposing permanent mortgage insurance requirements for the entire term of the loan (30-years). This is a game-changer in my opinion.  I will explain how it will affect your clients, sellers and you as a real estate agent. I will also share – (1) How to get the message out to your clients, and (2) What is the alternative to this train-wreck. (Don’t worry, I have a plan…)

(2) USDA Is Changing Their Eligible Regions

In March, USDA is expected to eliminate the property eligibility boundaries in parts of Marysville, Arlington, Lake Stevens, and Anacortes (to name a few cities).  This is another game-changer in my opinion, as those cities fund the majority of USDA loans in Snohomish County.  Again, I will show you (1) How to get the message out to the public, and (2) Help explain a couple alternative options in dealing with these changes so that you do not lose business over this. [Click Here for UPDATED INFO ON THIS]

(3) Internet Marketing Is Moving Faster Than Ever

If you have not had a chance to establish your online footprint, you may be running out of time. The National Association of Realtors indicates that over 90% of home buyers and sellers are searching online for information and YOU NEED TO BE THERE!  If you are not, you are missing out on business and more so, jeopardizing your future success as a real estate agent.  As you already know, commerce is turning to the internet and you know you need to be there! So come on!!

Dan Keller Presenting on Video Marketing at EdCon 2013











I am going to show you exactly what I’ve done to build a successful career in mortgage lending in only 4 short years.  The primary ingredient has been my ability to market and network online (plus,  I have a ridiculously insane work ethic).

When You Attend One of My Classes, You’ll Leave Knowing:
(1) how to establish your google places, Yelp, and LinkedIn business profiles
(2) how to establish a youtube channel and blog platform so that you begin creating content
(3) how to actually blog (write content), optimize your blog to be found online, and produce video
(4) how to get your message out to your social networks WITHOUT being annoying
(5) how to publish an eBook that positions you above your competition as the “expert”
(6) and finally, how to use these tools to generate new listings and buyers


If you are a broker/manager and want to book me for your next office meeting, call my assistant Kellie McNulty at (425) 224-8520, and I’ll get back to you to discuss the topics and time. There is no charge for office presentations, and in most cases, I provide complimentary drinks/goodies.

If you are a real estate agent and would like to register for our next 4-hour clock hour class, please email me at and I will send you the registration paperwork for our next class, time, and location.

The charge for our 4-hour classes are $30. Drinks, light snacks, and killer content are always provided.

And as always – do not ever hesitate to call me directly at (425) 350-7136 to talk mortgages. Funding mortgages and creating a First-Class Customer Experience is our passion!

Go Sell A House!

Dan Keller
(425) 350-7136

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