Seattle RE Bar Camp – unLearn, unConference, unREal! (Demo)

I am really excited this year to be a part of Seattle RE Bar Camp 2011. I have never attended a RE Bar Camp, but over the past two years, I’ve learned a lot about why they call it an “unconference”. I think that today, more than ever, the “unconference” approach suits our industry perfectly.

With the recent shift and current changes that we are going through, one can argue that you can throw a lot of what you have learned in the past, or what “worked” for you in the past out the window… I think too much focus has been place on the shift in the market, many lost tabs on the major shift that has taken place in marketing.



So what do I expect to get out of RE Bar Camp 2011? I am excited to meet new people, run into a “game-changer” or two, and learn a few new strategies that I can start to implement into my business.  I especially hope to take away a few tips on improving my wordpress blog’s SEO, as well as gathering some tips on improving my conversion with my video home tour blogs. Looking forward to March 3rd! See you there!

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