Seattle House Key Home Buyer Classes (Demo)

It amazes me that you can purchase a smart phone, computer or car, and with that purchase, you are given a users manual or guide.  Yet nine-out-of-ten home buyers make the largest financial decision of their lives without any form of education or professional guidance.

In today’s market, there are so many chapters involved in buying a home, and in my opinion, home buyers must have a users manual, or guide to follow in order to get a great deal, but more importantly, to ensure a their are making a smart financial decision.

“If you think the most important part of buying a home is shopping for the lowest rate and lowest fees, THINK AGAIN!”

I made a commitment to Seattle area home buyers and my Realtors in 2009 to host FREE home buyer education events every month.  This commitment to education is my opportunity to help re-build and strengthen our local housing market in the Puget Sound.

Topics We Address At Our Home Buyer Events

– How to buy a home with the USDA zero down program
– Additional (and new) loan programs that are available
– How to buy a foreclosure, short sale or fixer (rehab home)
– What are closing costs?
– Can the seller pay 100% of the closing costs?
– What are “points”?
– Do you need a home inspection?
– Who pays the realtors commission?
– Do you need to use a real estate agent?
– What if my credit score stinks?
– How do you buy a HUD home?
– and many more questions answered…

Watch this short intro to our 2012 Home Buyer Classes –

If you would like more information on attending one of our next home buyer classes, as well as learning more about our $20,000 home buyer discount program (WA State Home Buyer Stimulus Program), click ticket below.






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