Seattle Area FHA Mortgage Streamline Refinance- No Cost, 4.375% 30-yr Fixed Rate (Demo)

One of the GREAT perks of having a FHA or VA mortgage is that HUD allows for a streamline refinance if and when interest rates fall. I didn’t expect rates to necessarily drop after funding mortgage loans over the past 2 years, but they have, and a unique opportunity has presented itself to you as a FHA or VA homeowner.

I am writing about this amazing opporunity for two reasons: (1) we are making history right now with these artificially low rates; and (2) i am seeing some of my clients save in upwards of $300/mo. by lowering their rate at no additional cost to them… The savings can be re-invested in your mortgage or put aside for a college fund, retirement…. you get the picture!

Here’s How Easy It Is and Who Qualifies:
1. No appraisal is needed, so value doesn’t matter in HUD’s eyes.
2. No credit check is required (your credit will be pulled and your FHA/VA mortgage history will be evaluated only)
3. No debt to ratio limitations.
4. No additional COST to you the borrower.

Here’s The Benefits:

I recommend that if you can save approximately .75% – 1% in rate, then it is a good idea to streamline refinance your mortgage. On average, by reducing your rate by 1%, you will save approx. $183/mo. and $2,200 per year (that is based on a $300,000 loan amount). More so, you will save even more over time… I will be able to show you more of the benefits and savings with a Pre-Mortgage Analysis and loan comparison worksheet.Click Here —> Download my Quick and Easy FHA/VA Streamline checklist.

After you download the checklist, visit my website and complete the 2-minute online FHA Streamline Mortgage Application (click on the secure online mortgage application in the middle of the page).

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (425) 350-7136 or via email at if you may have any questions!


All the Best,