Save Your Commissions, Home Value, & Seller’s Money… A Win-Win Strategy (Demo)

As I research and continue to learn about the different types of marketing strategies that top agents across the country are implementing to thrive in today’s market, I am shocked that less agents that I encounter are taking advantage of an amazing time to be an agent. With all of the new technology available to us, combined with the age-tested solid strategies, there is no excuse out there to not be having a banner year…

So all of this stuff got me thinking. Thinking about numbers, specifically, lowering rates, BUT not lowering your commissions and the seller’s bottom line with Strategic Seller Paid Interest Rate Buy Down and outside-the-box marketing using this idea… And as usual, when I asked my attendees to share what strategies are working for them in regards to marketing their listings, generate buyer leads, etc… I got nothing. Nothing extraordinary, nothing outside-of-the-box, just complaints that foreclosures and short sales are frustrating their sellers…

I believe the average agent, lender, business owner take the shotgun approach to business planning and marketing instead of dialing in on a particular target and strategy zeroing in on hitting the bullseye. Be a sharp-shooter. Dial in your business plan for the remainder of 2010 with a seller paid interest rate buydown strategy for your tough listings, heck, even your buyers! You’ll see how you can separate yourself from other agents by offering this type of value to your clients.

If you would like more information on marketing your listings, boosting your lead generation, and WOW a particular community, I have a detailed Strategic Marketing and Seller Paid Interest Rate Buy Down Program (the same thing the builder is offering in the pic above to achieve that pmnt and no pmi…) that I would be happy to go over with you. You may CLICK HERE for an example, follow me on facebook at or email me at

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