Real Time Proof That If You Are Not Blogging – You Are Giving Your Commissions Away (Demo)

Imagine this – It’s a cool, fall Saturday morning, about 10am. You’re enjoying your second cup of coffee, watching a little college football, doing some research for a blog you’re working on, and a message comes into your inbox. It’s a referral via email from a facebook post that you made about 30 minutes prior from a blog you wrote while enjoying your first cup of coffee.

I’ve been following Chris Smith at Tech Savvy Agent and Darin Persinger, Real Estate Coach, and doing a lot of talking with both of these brilliant guys about social media and blogging. And you know, both Chris and Darin passionately exclaim that blogging is 100% about (1) content, (2) content,and (3) content; and more importantly, “actually giving a shit, caring enough about your clients to create good content for them.” (Darin Persinger)

Their advice (and I concur) is to stop worrying about social media ROI . And stop giving yourself an excuse not to blog because you “think it’s too hard” or “I don’t know what to write” or “I don’t have time to blog”. Darin Persigner said it best to me yesterday, he said, “The next time you make an excuse not to blog, put this phrase in front of your excuse – …’to create good content for my clients’.” So, when you say you don’t have time to blog, you are saying, “I don’t have time to create good content for my clients.” Or worse, “I don’t know how to create good content for my clients.” You just told your clients, essentially, that you don’t know what you are doing, that you don’t know what’s going on in the local market.

My best advice is to do what I did, invest in your business, spend time researching a relevant story, questions or hot topics. For example, this is what I do: Every time that I hear a borrower ask a repeated question during the loan process, I write it down and blog about it. It must be relevant and important because they asked the same question a previous prospect asked…

So, every single time a seller or buyer asks you a question, USE THAT QUESTION AS A BLOG TOPIC!!! Why? Because I can tell you from experience – they are not the only people asking those questions – a lot of sellers, buyers, and homeowners out their are asking those same questions (just check with Google…).

The next thing I recommend, “LIKE” or fan up Tech Savvy Agent on Facebook. Also, I personally recommend hiring Darin Persigner, Real Estate coach to get an edge on your competition and learn what it will take to THRIVE in today’s shifting market. It’s becoming more apparent to me that people like Darin and Chris are presenting strategies, tools, and technologies your brokers should, but are not. So I recommend that you do exactly what I have done, invest in your business and take advantage of the opportunity that these trailblazers are presenting… I like what Chris Smith says. “The Market shouldn’t dictate your income, but the market should dictate your strategy though.”

These guys are brilliant, you can reach both at the following addresses:

Chris Smith – Tech Savvy Agent
On twitter: @TechSavvyAgent
On Facebook:

Darin Persinger – Productivity Junkies

On twitter: @darinpersinger
On Facebook:

Why should you blog? Why should you care about creating good content for your clients? What you just read and what you see below is only ONE example why…