Putting A Welcome Tab On Your Facebook Fan Page (Demo)

I was recently checking out the great information I receive daily from Social Media Examiner when I decided to click on their facebook tab on their website to check out their fan page. I was taken to a very unique place on their fan page that Welcomed me with a nice big picture, video and a lot of information about who and what they are. I thought, “What a great application for my fan page.” I logged on to facebook.com/apps and found the Welcome Application (click on “go to application”), immediately I loaded it up on my fan page and ‘bam’…there it was! I just installed a welcome page by creating an image and then installed a “live” link to the image… check out my welcome page on my Facebook Fan Page. Just another way to make your fan page unique to you and help you stand out on facebook.  If you need help starting up a fan Page, let me know and I’d be happy to help you! (special thanks to Pat Flynn for the tip:
http://pugetsoundrealestateundressed.neighborhoodsundressed.com/  )