Protecting Your Home, Money, and Investments In 2016 (Demo)

According to economist, 2016 is off to it’s worst start in the history of the stock market.  Adding to the confusion, we have a real estate market in Seattle that is absolutely on FIRE; and making things even crazier, 30-year mortgage rates are back down to historic lows!

Financial planners are repositioning money as fast as ever before and people are confused more than ever.  What do you do with your money?  What about real estate?  Is the stock market safe?  What about oil, ISIS, China – is the market going to crash? Aren’t election years poor for the markets?  What about life insurance – is term or perm the right way?  But Dave Ramsey says ______… (We’ll talk more about Dave Ramsey’s blanket advice)

My job as a mortgage advisor is to give you the best advise and support when it comes to your debt, mortgage, and real estate.  Outside of that, I lean on professionals that I trust to advise both my family and my clients.

On Tuesday, February 23rd, I am hosting a FREE Wine and Wisdom Social for my clients to help them better understand the markets and manage their money.  Watch this short video intro I made for you and then click on the link below the video to RSVP.  I have to cap the seating at 25, so grab a co-worker, family member, or friend, RSVP and we’ll see you Tuesday!

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