Meet-up #2: Your Listing To #1 On Google In Less Than 48 hrs… WHAT? (Demo)

Ok, so this must be important. I keep hearing real estate coaches, trainers, and even social media experts talking and blogging about “getting smaller” and at the same time continue to see agents, brokers, and business owners on a daily basis “trying” to get bigger.
This week, I will explain exactly what it means to “get smaller” and go into absolute detail on this subject matter. As well, I am going to show you how I took the “get smaller” strategy along with some information that I learned last week to get one of my agents listings #1 on Google.

Please NOTE:
I am not a Realtor, and yet in this particular community in Mill Creek, my site(s) rank higher than Mill Creek’s finest… hummmm.

(Click on the image below to enlarge the picture)

I will be closing with how I take this “idea” or strategy and help you/us become the Virtual Mayors of a neighborhood. This is demographic farming on SEO and social media steroids! I look forward to a great hour of content and discussions.
See you there!