Buying Marysville Real Estate | USDA, VA, and HUD Offer Zero Down Mortgage (Demo)

Marysville Zero Down Mortgage LenderWith so many changes in the banking world, I figured it is about time for a brief blog updating my Realtors and consumers in my Marysville, WA Real Estate Market. Before we dive into taking a deeper look at the three main loan programs to buy real estate with less than $100 down, I want to discuss another growing concern: FHA Credit Score Requirements For First Time Homebuyers – and more specifically, what credit score is required to purchase a home in today’s market.

Most banks (including mine) have what’s referred to as “risk overlays” or in simple terms, their own separate qualifying guidelines. HUD governs FHA, VA, and Snohomish County USDA-Rural mortgage loan programs, and their minimum credit score requirements are 580. However, most banks (including mine) require a 620 credit score in order to obtain a mortgage. With that said, I want to make this clear – You Can Purchase A Home With Poor Credit. I have a team of credit repair specialists that work directly with me and my clients to help repair credit in usually 60 days or less. Click on the live link above for an example of how our system works, and if you have any questions, email me at

With all of the negative press surrounding the banking industry and housing markets, many of the clients and real estate agents that I speak to are unaware of the great loan programs that are still available to help first time homebuyers purchase a home. There are three loan programs available for consumers that require as little as $100 down.

The USDA-Rural Home Loan – or often referred to as the “farm loan”. This is by far the most popular loan program I offer my first time homebuyers. It requires that the homebuyer meet two main criteria – (1) must not exceed an annual household income of $97,000; and (2) the home being purchased must be in a USDA Eligible Region. In North Snohomish County, that is referred to as East of Highway 9 and all areas north of 140th in Marysville. See the link above for the Eligibility Map. The USDA loan is a 30-yr fixed rate mortgage that requires ZERO Down and no monthly PMI making it one of the most least expensive loan programs available.

The VA Home Loan – this loan program requires that the borrower has served in the US military and has VA Eligibility. I recommend visiting a page that I created that breaks down the Seattle area VA home loan guidelines. This program too is a ZERO Down loan program that does not require monthly PMI. Furthermore, I am able to loan up to $481,000 with the Seattle VA Jumbo loan program.

HUD Owned $100 Down Program – this program is another great loan program where the borrower can purchase a home using FHA financing without having to put 3.5% down. The only caveat with this loan program is that the home must be a HUD or owned foreclosure. Search Marysville HUD Homes and make sure that your Real Estate Agent is an approved HUD agent. If you have questions on HUD financing, I’d be happy to answer those questions for you.

***BONUS*** Ok, so this isn’t a ZERO DOWN loan program, but it’s close, and it’s HOT. The Marysville FANNIE MAE Homepath Program is a program similar to the HUD $100 down program. This program allows the borrower to purchase a FANNIE MAE bank owned home (or REO) for 3% down, no appraisal and no PMI. The borrower is allowed to get gift funds for the down payment then making it a Zero Down Loan Program.

I have attached links to each one of these programs to provide you with a bit more information that supported in this blog. As always, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions and I will be happy to explain or meet with you to discuss qualifying for one of these programs. Typically, each of these programs take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks to fund, so contrary to what you may read or hear, they are pretty simple turn-key loan programs for today’s first time homebuyer.

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