Lake Goodwin Real Estate For Sale Blog: Todd Duitsman Lake Goodwin Realtor (Demo)

He’s the “Green Sign Guy“. Chances are, you’ve seen one of Todd’s green signs around Snohomish County…. The are starting to reproduce like little Gremlins and that is a good thing for Todd Duitsman Lake Goodwin Real Estate Agent.

Over the past few months, I’ve had a chance to work on a few transactions with Lake Goodwin Real Estate Expert Todd Duitsman, and I can tell you first-hand that he is outside-of-the-box and more so, first-class. Some of the things he’s done to keep transactions together or simply get them eligible to fund amazes me, that an agent would go that above and beyond to serve.

Prior to 2009, Todd was a custom home builder. He has been a builder/developer all of his working life. Unfortunately in 2008 when funding from the local banks dried up, Todd had to make a career decision. In my opinion, he couldn’t have been more accurate in choosing Real Estate sales and marketing as his new career. You see, Todd understands the “nuts and bolts” of real estate, he’s built, inspected, and repaired real estate for years. Combined with his “gazelle like intensity” to learn the marketing side of this business, he is winning, absolutely Crushing It in today’s market. In July 2010, he was recognized in his office at Keller Williams Marysville (out of over 70 agents) as one of their Top 3 Agents. Here is an example of how Todd is using some of today’s technology to market his listings – Todd Duitsman Marketing Book

Here is a listings of a Home For Sale Lake Goodwin Community that Todd is featuring right now. As you will see, Todd sells real estate all over Snohomish County. However, over the last 20 years, he has lived and built all over the Seven Lakes/Lake Goodwin communities and is respected an a Real Estate expert in this community. For more information on Lake Goodwin Real Estate you can visist his Lake Goodwin Real Estate Blog.

I encourage you to check out his blog and contact Todd Duitsman if you have any questions!

Todd Duitsman
(425) 343-5040