How To Convert Content To Closings With Blogging & Lifestyle Branding (Demo)

“You don’t build your brand. Your brand is what people say about you.” (agent reboot 2010).

“The consumer has gained control and that has changed the Role of the agent.”
Hey Coffee with Keller Agents! You are going to get a FULL dose of 2010 Seattle Agent Reboot “leftovers” from me tomorrow… And I LOOOOVE Left-overs!!! I am going to be sharing and going deeper into blogging. Specifically, blogging with the intent to drive traffic to your site. And, blogging for Content. Both topics are going to lead into a later conversation about LCO – Lead Conversion Optimization (which I still haven’t been able to stop thinking about since Real Estate Coach Darin Persinger presented on that topic…). As a bonus, I will be sharing the Three Things Every Blogger Must Do to Convert Content To Closings… YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!


See you at 10am at Solid Rock Coffee!