How To Buy A Home In Washington State With Zero Down in 2019 (Demo)

I have one success story after another from past first-time homebuyer clients thanking me for helping them buy their first home using one of the three zero down (zero to low down) mortgage programs I will discuss today.

These first time home buyer programs have some of the lowest default rates of all mortgage programs available and are great resources to help people get into their first home! Today I’ll be talking about the Washington State USDA Home Loan, the Home Advantage Loan Program, and the HouseKey Loan Program, both backed by the Washington State Housing and Finance Commission.

How To Buy A Home In Washington State With Zero Down:


The USDA Home Loan

– Max household income (approx $130,000/year per family of 4, see guidelines)
– Region specific (rural areas such as Arlington, Monroe.. (see guideline map)
– Min credit score 580
– True zero down payment required
– Do not have to be a first time home buyer, but cannot currently own real estate
– Reach out to me for more info, Dan Keller (call/text 425-350-7136)

The Home Advantage Mortgage Program

– Max household income (approx $145,000/year)
– Min credit score 620
– Not a “True zero down” loan, 4% grant at 0% interest to cover down payment
– Do not have to be a first time home buyer
– Reach out to me for more info, Dan Keller (call/text 425-350-7136)

The HouseKey Mortgage Program

– Max household income requirements (80% of County AMI.. approx $81k/yr)
– Not region specific
– Min credit score 620
– Not a “true zero down loan”, $10,000 grant issued to cover down payment/closing costs
– Must be a first time home buyer (not owned a home in last 3 years)
– Reach out to me for more info, Dan Keller (call/text 425-350-7136)

The Step-By-Step Process for Getting Approved For The Home Advantage and HouseKey Loans

(1) Meet with a mortgage professional (call me for example, 425-350-7136)
(2) Establish your housing/mortgage budget
(3) Attain a mortgage pre-approval
(4) Attend a WSHFC sponsored home buyer ed class (required, ask me for details/schedule)
(5) Shop for homes, make and offer…
(6) Get a home inspection, approve the inspection
(7) The lender orders an appraisal, it comes in at value…
(8) Mortgage is fully approved, rate is locked with the WSHFC
(9) Mortgage approval is sent to WSHFC office in Seattle for final approval
(10) Sign closing documents at escrow/title office
(11) Get your keys and move in!
(12) This process in my office *can* and usually takes approx 25-30 day from start to finish
(13) Reach out to me Dan Keller – 425-350-7136 if you would like more information!

The Perfect Loan Process w/ Dan Keller


Get Pre-Approved With Dan Keller

We make it easy. I encourage each of my clients to reach out to me through email or phone call to have an initial mortgage planning discussion surrounding your current situation, goals/budget, and timeline. There are so many additional factors that go into qualifying for a Home Loan today, it’s important that you are working with a professional that understands the ins and outs of the process and current market trends. .
To apply for a Home Loan, visit my Mortgage Concierge Page and follow steps one and two.

I Want To Be Your Mortgage Advisor!

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