How To Buy A Home In the Snow (Demo)

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If you are reading this, you are either:

(1) A die-hard fan of my mortgage blog,
(2) Related to me or work for me; or
(3) Think this post is a joke.

Well, for you that do not know me, this post is NOT a joke… Keep reading (and watch the video for a few tips that will blow your mind)…

You see, in Seattle, we do not get a lot of snow, and when we do, people tend to stay home and “play it safe”.  I, on the other hand, have never “played it safe” and enjoy working when my competition is not.

So here’s to my readers that are looking for the inside edge and getting a KILLER DEAL!


I’ve put together a short video identifying the Top 4 Things You Must Know Before You Think About Buying  A Home In the Snow.

As you may have noticed in the video, I am passionate about mortgages, but just as passionate about helping my clients get a GREAT DEAL!

See what I am talking about here  – The Real Truth About Mortgages

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