How To Buy A Foreclosure With Multiple Offers In Skagit County? (Demo)

I am excited to present this special interview with Ed Finlan, Skagit County Bank Owned Real Estate Agent. He specializes in helping both First Time Home Buyers and move-up buyers negotiate successful transactions with bank owned properties. Ed is going to share a few key tips to successfully winning your offer when you’re competing with investors and against all cash offers.


See how Ed’s unique Preferred Bank Owned Homes Program combined with a couple of dialed-in systems helps increase his client’s success in getting their offer accepted in a HEAVY foreclosure/inventory shallow market = (An extremely competitive market).

Check Out This Interview With Ed Finlan – You’ll Learn A lot!

If you would like exclusive access to his foreclosure hot sheet list – contact Ed Finlan at or call him directly at (360)-542-6868.

As Ed mentioned in the interview, you can buy a foreclosure with traditional low down financing, so if you would like to be pre-approved, I’d be happy to present a few mortgage options to you.

You can contact me (Dan Keller) if you would like to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. My number is (425) 350-7136 or Download My Mortgage Concierge Packet right here.

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