Homequest & Productivity Junkies Meet MyMortgageDan.com (Demo)

Welcome to my brand new, self-hosted WordPress website made by Homequest!  I have to say, I was a bit worried when I began researching Homequest and their experience in developing mortgage related WordPress websites.  But honestly, based on the level of killer, outside-the-box websites they had previously created for several real estate agents, I wasn’t too worried to be their mortgage website test-dummy.  Well, and as they always do, Homequest CRUSHED IT!  I haven’t been this excited about something in along time. 

Garron Sellikan and his team at Homequest did a first-class  job working with me through the discovery and design phases of creating my website,  all the way to the end with the set-up and WordPress training.  I would highly recommend the Homequest Team to anyone looking to add a top-tier brand and presence to their online marketplace.  As a Seattle area mortgage lender, I recommend that all of my agents are using a WordPress blog/website  in regards to marketing listings, blogging about their community, and interacting with their social networks. Homequest knock’s it out of the park in providing  first-class custom WordPress websites, consulting, and service!

Another BIG player in helping me decide to go with a Homequest, self-hosted custom WordPress website was real estate coach Darin Persinger.  Darin has helped me tremendously over the past year in getting a better grip around my business development and lead optimization; as well as helping me to specifically identify the right platform to operate from.  One day in June, Darin and I were having lunch brainstorming a theme or brand for my new Homequest website…  I was stumped and Darin’s gears were turning as well.  Two-hours later, back at the office, it clicked.  The idea surfaced and we went to town bouncing ideas back and forth, and then, BAM!  What you see above is the idea that we came up with.  

A special thanks to the Homequest Team for bringing our thoughts to life, and to Darin Persigner for helping me locate my brand, but more importantly, getting me to realize the importance of owning my content with a self-hosted WordPress website. 

If you would like more information of a self-hosted WordPress website, I recommend a brief consult with Darin Persinger for starters.  Darin can be reached at www.productivityjunkies.com or darinpersinger@gmail.com