What I Learned in 2010 From 3 Smart People (Demo)

As I gathered information for this blog post, I had one agenda in mind, and that was to present data based on what the consumer (buyers and sellers) want to see, not what a title/escrow company or third party companies are trying to sell you. More importantly, everything that I am about to present to you are FREE strategies that top real estate brokers and entrepreneurs are currently implementing (including myself). But before we get started, I want you to digest these few facts:

“Today, 92% of all real estate business is originating online…” – NAR, 2010

“Sellers want video. Buyers want to look at video. Yet less than 1% of all Realtors use video.” – Michael McClure, Professional One Franchising

“With real estate agents, it’s always been “all about them”. I don’t think that approach works anymore. You have to be a resource. It’s NOT about the person; it’s about creating a resource that is valuable.” – Chris Smith, Tech Savvy Agent

In regards to social media – “If you suck at liking people, then you are going to suck at Social Media. If you like engaging with people, you’re going to do pretty good job with Social Media.” – Scott Stratten, unmarketing.com

In 2010, the focus in the real estate community was to transition into the web 2.0 marketing era. I’ve seen a lot of traditional broker/owners who are anything but tech savvy desperately try to jump on the web 2.0 marketing train, and spend thousands on “pie in the sky” magic pills… As someone who is a web 2.0 sponge, a social media junkie learning and implementing new strategies, I can tell you first-hand, there is no magic pill, and like any great program, it takes time to build and develop.

In an attempt to save you valuable time, money, and frustration, I’ve documented the top 6 marketing mistakes that I have seen real estate agents and brokers make in 2010.

1. Outsourcing Your Social Media & Blogging
FYI – If you are outsourcing your social media and blogs, I can tell, and so can the consumer.  There are a lot of companies that will offer to “take care of” your social media for you. Think about this – if you automate your social media, then you are doing anything but being social. It is not you making the post, interacting and connecting with people, so tell me, what is social about that.  There is no Social Media magic pill.  I think Social media should be called “Social Connection”. Social media success takes interaction, communication and connections with people on a daily or consistent basis.  Here is an example of how Darin Persinger connected with the Social Media Guru Gary Vaynerchuk using social media versus what you guys are being pitched, that you need to use social media to market and sell yourself. S ocial media should be used for one thing, and one thing only – to communicate, connect, and engage with people.

2. Posting To Craigslist Like You Did In 2008
I believe that you cannot market today without a call to action to convert a lead. Traditional posts, ads, templates given to you by your brokerage, or 3rd party ads like Postlets do not offer a call to action (Value) and means to collect contact information. Today, there are 2 main strategies that I am using to generate leads on Craigslist. The first, is my unfair advantage single property websites. These upload directly to craigslist (3 clicks) and provide text message opt-in and call to action opt-ins (squeeze pages). The other strategy converts as well as anything I’ve seen to date.   See this post by Darin Persinger where he explains How to Use Craigslist Marketing As A Lead Generation Tool.

3. Not Using Video – Video Tours & Lifestyle Branding
I don’t go a day without hearing a pitch or Ad pushing video technology as the future of marketing. Three real estate industry leaders that I follow daily all whistle the same tune when it comes to video – they say, “Sellers want video as a part of their marketing. Buyers want to see video tours (google analytics confirms that). Yet, less than 1% of all Realtors are using video.” If you only read one blog post today, READ THIS! Michael McClure documents Why Real Estate Agents Must Use Video In 2011.

4. “Stop Selling Your Listings On Your Facebook Personal Page
I’m not going to write much here other than it’s SPAM, nobody cares, and Facebook states in it’s bylaws that it is illegal to do so and you can lose your facebook account if caught. Need I say anymore? Create a fan page, post there and creatively direct people from your personal page to view your fan page… An example post on your personal page – “Had a great time interviewing a neighbor today in a community that I just listed a home. I was shocked what he had to say about this community… You can see the video tour at [tag your fan page]”.

5. In Bound Marketing – Getting Found Online, Getting An Opt-in, & Connecting With People
In Bound Marketing has changed my career. I went from having a website that I sent people to, to having a website that attracts people that want to do business with me 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. That is “In Bound Marketing”. This is an example of the flow of In Bound Marketing: Step One – Create Content.  Step Two – Landing Page Opt-in.  Step Three: Opt-in Conversion Page/List Creator (the opt-in on the right goes to MailChimp.com, a FREE CRM service that I use to hold the data from the opt-in, notify me of the opt-in and then send the auto reply/item of value to the consumer until I can connect with them in real life. Darin Persinger, real estate coach and social media advisor wrote a great blog and has educated me and my team on In Bound Marketing 101.

6. Not Creating Content For Your Clients – “AKA” Blogging
I love what Chris Smith with Tech Savvy Agent says. He says, “If you do one thing in 2011, Stop Not Blogging.” The topic of blogging is a whole separate discussion, and a lengthy discussion at that. But for the sake of this blog, I will give you the aerial view of blogging 101. Darin Persinger says, “The only way to get found moving forward is going to be via a blog.” Google’s search engine algorithm is evolving daily more toward sites that offer relevant, valuable, and current content. Getting found online is going to take some understanding of SEO (search engine optimization), writing for the correct keywords, blogging on the right platform, and getting others to reference your blog (back links) for starters. I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning how to blog and to get my site to rank high on Google, and I can tell you that like anything great, it takes time, dedication, and consistency. I help my agents as much as I can once they are on the right platform, but until you get there, I cannot help you. So, I’ve asked Darin Persinger, real estate coach and one of the guys I have hired to help me, to provide an all inclusive Blogging Pack that creates a site, shows you how to self-host, create content, and understand SEO. Visit Productivity Junkies WordPress All-In-One Start-up for more information on Darin’s program.

I speak on these 6 Tips and go deep into discussion about implementation every week at Coffee With Keller. If you are interested in working with a Tech Savvy Lender to help you grow your business, you can visit my website where I explain some additional marketing strategies that I offer my agents at Dan Keller Unfair Advantage Marketing.

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