Financial Peace Class # 1 – A Huge Success! (Demo)

Congratulations to those who graduated from my Financial Peace University Course last night! You are well on your way to Financial Peace! I had the privilege to teach Dave Ramsey’s 12-week financial literacy course called Financial Peace over the past 3 months to 20 amazing people who now have a plan, a “Peace” of what to do in creating their budget, savings, insurance planning, mortgage, real estate, and longer-term investments. If you are interested in taking this course, I am offering it again in September and the cost is FREE, except for the workbook you have to purchase through Financial Peace University ($100). I was able to see this course change people’s financial lives, and through these principles, my students now have a blue-print, a game plan for achieving their own Financial Peace in BECOMING DEBT FREE! I was absolutely amazed: In a 12-week period, how many of my students accomplished “baby steps 1, 2, and even 3, in creating an emergency fund of $1000, paying off debt using the debt-snowball method, and even beginning to save up their entire 6 month reserve account. Great Work Team! If you are interested in this course, I’d be happy to get you additional information and in the meantime, buy you a copy of Dave’s book, “The Total Money Makeover” to get you started. The next step would be to enrol in our fall course at View Ridge Community Church. For your own copy of Dave’s Total Money Makeover, e-mail me at