Credit Repair Success Story: 80 points In 40 Days! (Demo)

One of the best relationships that I have made in my career was in 2009 with a credit repair firm that specializes in Legal and Permanent Credit Repair & Restoration. From time to time I have clients come to me wishing they could purchase a home, if only they had better credit. I finally have the solution… National Credit Care has joined my team and partnered with me to assist my clients in rebuilding their credit. We have the ability to remove bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, liens, and lates.

I have attached an example for you to see. On August 15, 2009 I had a client want to get pre-approved for a home purchase, but due to certain circumstances in her past, her credit score was below 600, and I was unable to approve her at the time. I referred her to speak with Ryan, a week later she paid the $49 join fee, and the $49/monthly fee and in less than 2 months (and less than $200 later) they are buying a home with her credit exceeding 680!!! (all we really needed was 620). Check out the proof… Even a Chapter 13 bankruptcy was removed! (please note that fees are subject to change) See what we had deleted in less than 40 days –
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