Craigslist Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents (Demo)

You get a listing, you spend 30 minutes uploading a listing ad to Craigslist, you wind-up, and chuck it up against the wall as hard as you can with the hope that it sticks, and generates a buyer lead… The next morning, you get an e-mail, you’re stoked, sweet, a lead!  Instead, you open the e-mail just to find that you’ve been SPAMMED!

The good news is, there are a couple ways around this problem.  The first, have a Craigslist marketing and in-bound marketing strategy.  Using Postlets, or a CL template courtesy of your broker is NOT a strategy. I am going to preface this post by reminding viewers that I am presenting a strategy that works, it converts, but it takes a little more effort than uploading a template flyer for your listing. In this short video, I am going to share with you two strategies that I use to avoid spammers entirely and generate quality leads on Craigslist. I’ll start by talking about (1) The process of getting the prospect off Craigslist and on to your blog (or home turf); and (2) Giving the prospect what they want before you ask for what you want.

Avoiding Spammers With Strategy #1:
On this platform, the first that I do is set my filter on my Gmail to send all email replys from CL to a folder.  Most prospects will NOT reply to the actual Craigslist ad, they will opt-in on the landing page or message me from my blog.  The majority of the leads that I generate from this strategy rock, and the conversion rate on these leads are very high!  By opting-in, they are typically impressed with the amount of information that I have given them, and an “advisory” relationship of trust has been made (Quick Tip – Video helps!).

Avoiding Spammers With Strategy #2 – Epropertysites:
Same thing, a consumer rarely if EVER has replied to the actual ad, because I set-up the Single Property Website on CL to take them OFF Craigslist, and straight to our single property website where they can view our virtual tour, video tour, city demographics info, financing flyer/pre-qual info, contact form, text for more info, or call us – ALL 3 are forms of opt-ins!

The key with all three of the CL Marketing Strategies is VALUABLE CONTENT.  Give, give, and give.  Give the consumer what they want.  Give them valuable information to solve their problems and a simple, easy means to connect with you for more information (text for mobile mortgage calculator, text for directions, live online chat (free app) or contact us tab.

Creating the actual image and HTML for the Craigslist ads if you have never done them before may seem complicated. I can help you better understand that process in a short video detailing the set-up. Before I conclude this blog, I want to thank Chris Smith ‘aka’ Tech Savvy Agent who inspired this blog and for consistently sharing tips and strategies with me, more specifically at Agent Reboot last year in Seattle.  As well, real estate coach Darin Persinger, deserves a big shout out for coaching me on how improve my lead generation and online conversion strategies.

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