Coffee With Keller – Your Idea Sucks, and Here’s Why (Demo)

The late John Wooden said, “If you are committed, you’ll find a way. If you’re not committed, you’ll find a way out.” In our industry, there are a lot of coaches, trainers, and mentors that have great strategies and ideas for success, but unless you implement that idea or strategy with your absolute 100% best effort, well then you’re idea or strategy sucks and is worthless.

Did you go to Agent Reboot? How many of those ideas and strategies have you implemented? This is week 7 of Coffee with Keller. Each week I have dropped idea, strategies, and tools that winners are using today to dominate their market… What are you waiting for? I believe that the difference between implementing and not implementing is committment. If you are committed you find a way, winners find a way…. Check this out… (WARNING – it’s a 5 min video, it’s graphic, and it may upset you… but it’s the truth…)

In addition to implementing, I am going to discuss designing content that bites. The market has shifted and your marketing must shift too…. I am going to show you one way to begin shifting your marketing by adding content to you blogs that bites. I look forward to seeing you at Coffee with Keller!