Coffee With Keller – SMM Camp Re-Cap & A Facebook Community Page Success Story (Demo)

Last Thursday I attended SMM Camp (Social Media Marketing Camp) and listened to Chris Smith with Tech Savvy Agent, Dale Chubley Vancouver, WA Realtor (365 Things to Do In Vancouver, and Real Estate Coach Darin Persinger talk about some of the best practices that are being applied in today’s real estate market. Three common threads were touched on by all three of those speakers, and I look forward sharing those brilliant ideas at Coffee With Keller tomorrow am…
In addition to those great tools, I am going to be presenting the Facebook Community Fan Page Presentation. Since the last time I presented it, only one out of 13 agents took action. That one agent just informed me yesterday that he now has 63 fans and over 2/3 of those fans are neighbors! More importantly, he just landed a new listing from his fan page and has engaged in dialoge with 2 others… Plus, look around his fan page, pay close attention to the relevant content he is posting and the intereation he is getting with residents… Oh ya, the listing he had in there SOLD a month ago… a perfect example of what real estate coach Darin Persinger was talking about in a recent interview: MAGNIFY & ECHO… Great job Nate!!! Gleneagle Community Fan Page
SEE YOU AT COFFEE WITH KELLER – 10am, Solid Rock Coffee, Everett