Coffee with Keller Offers Wordpress 101 – Learn the A-B-C’s of Wordpress Blogging In 1 hour (Demo)

My focus over the past weeks has been on implementing blogging into your real estate business. For two reasons: (1) So that you understand how to create content for traffic and credibility; and (2) So that you understand how to create content for contact, or lead generation. At the end of the day, what we are seeing is a total paradigm shift in marketing, I mean, let’s face it, the rules of marketing have changed, and it is up to you to adjust your strategy going into 2011. My focus going into 2011 is building my online market share and community engagement through lifestyle branding; and the vehicle to achieve these goals is through blogging. Tomorrow, I am teaching all attendees how to set-up their own WordPress blog and make it rock!

Here’s what we will cover:

– How to create a WordPress blog from scratch
– How to add a custom header to your site
– How to buy a custom web address and link it to your blog
– How to upload content
– How to upload video, pictures, links, and widgets
– How to add a menu bar
– How to improved your online presence (SEO)
– How to add an opt-in widget to capture clients contact info

I am asking all attendees to bring a laptop. We will meet in my conference room and start right at 10am. All attendees will leave with a custom WordPress Blog and know how to use it!

See you at 10am!
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