Coffee With Keller: Get An Entire Neighborhood To Follow You On Facebook (Demo)

Have you ever wondered if there were a better way to get your name and message out to a neighborhood after you just listed a home for sale? Just listed post cards are good, but I am going to show you what I have learned from a couple of Realtors, and what they are doing in today’s market to dominate an entire neighborhood, and that means having neighbors call them…

I am going to discuss two very valuable marketing strategies that I have not only learned but beat inside and out from Seattle area real estate coach Darin Persinger.

I will show you:
(1) How to set-up and build a successful Facebook Fan Page
(2) How to write a winning real estate community blog
(3) How to give your listings a FREE facebook listing webpage
(4) How to get your listing web page on the #1 page of Google

***(5) Bonus – Why Every Agent Should Use Twitter To Sell Real Estate
Please note: I am NOT a social media guru, advisor, consultant; nor do I claim to be. I am simply a hard-working, forward-thinking loan officer that learned about a unique marketing strategy and took it upon myself to make it my own and MOST IMPORTANTLY, implement it. I am only showing you what I am currently doing with my agents, and how we both have the opportunity to grow something BIG together.

Join us for Coffee With Keller on Tuesday, August 10 at 10am.