Coffee With Keller – Change Management: How To Adapt, Grow, and Spring Into 2011 (Demo)

The word, “CHANGE” was by-far, the most over-used, hyper-inflated word that has been abused abused over the past 2 years of political campaigns. However, in our business – mortgage and real estate, it most certainly is relevant. I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past year on real estate marketing, internet marketing, and marketing using social media, and what I can tell you is, “Everything we once knew has CHANGED and is continuing to change.”

What I mean by this is, the Rules of Real Estate, Mortgage, and Credit have changed. And the later of the two (credit and mortgage) probably affect you most as a Realtor (stay tuned for my blog I am launching on Money, Mortgage and Investing)… I am spending the time this week at Coffee With Keller to dive deep into the importance of having an Exceptional Service System that is embedded into you business both offline and online. Here is a brief intro to where I am going with this… I look forward to seeing you in the morning for Coffee With Keller (Jenny Cookies is graciously supporting us tomorrow…)

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