Can I Get A FHA Mortgage In Seattle in 2016? (Demo)

Big Banks Say No To FHASocial media and the nightly news has been exploiting a new trend that seems to be taking place in 2016 as it relates to attaining a mortgage at a few of the “BIG BANKS” in the US.   By now, it’s no secret that Wells Fargo, US Bank, and Chase Bank (to name a few) are exiting (or currently no longer) the government lending arena.

Government backed mortgage programs consist of FHA, VA, and USDA home loans.  These loan programs have been offered since the 1940’s and provide a flexible option for home buyers in unique situations.

In my opinion, they are tougher loans to process, they require more of a “specialist” and end up costing the bank more money than the loans are worth.

There is great news however – I am a FHA, VA and USDA home loan specialist and I will make sure that as long as the programs are offered, I will originate them!

Below I’ve given you an overview of the FHA, VA and USDA home loan programs as well as provided a link confirming the article I’ve written.  As always, I love helping my readers, please reach out to me directly at (425) 350-7136 if you have any questions – I am here to help!

FHA Home Loans

– minimum 3.5% down
– down payment grants allowed/gift funds allowed as well
– very low 30-yr fixed rates compared to conventional financing
– loan amounts up to $540,500
– rehab or renovation loans allowed
– H-1B visa (work visa) allowed
– charges an upfront funding fee of 1.75% (can be financed)
– charges a .85% monthly private mortgage insurance factor
– very flexible underwriting guidelines (ask Dan for specifics)
– there are more great perks…..  If you have a unique situation, FHA may be a good option to look at

VA Home Loans

– for active duty service men/women, veterans, or disabled veterans
– no down payment required
– min 580 credit score required
– no private mortgage insurance required
– very flexible underwriting guidelines for veterans
– loan amounts for zero down up to $540,500
– requires a funding fee of 0%, 2.15%, or 3.3% depending on entitlement
– very low 30-yr fixed rates compared to conventional financing

USDA Home Loans

– designed for first time home buyers
– no down payment is required
– min 620 credit score allowed
– very low monthly PMI (private mortgage insurance) required
– region specific guidelines (see Dan for more info)
– there are max household income requirements to meet
– flexible credit underwriting guidelines
– see Dan for more information on this program

So, What Do I Do Next?

The best thing that you can do if you are thinking about buying a home this year is to set up a mortgage planning meeting with me. This first step is to get pre-approved – let me take a deep look into your credit, your income, and help you design a mortgage budget.

To get pre-approved for one of these home loan programs, visit my mortgage concierge page at

Or to speak directly with me, call/text me at 425-350-7136.  You can always email me at

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