Business Cards On Steroids – You’ll Never Look At Your Card The Same… (Demo)

What if you could get your sellers to kindly introduce you to 100 of their closest friends as the area’s Top Real Estate Agent? Did you know that you can? The technology and your outside-the-box efforts paints that pitcure for you… Here’s how: I’ve created a template for a sticker that goes on the back of your business cards. NEVER has a $30 investment been so valuable… this web address and text feature leads back to your single property listing that we created for you… check this out!







Simple Strategy:

1. Take 150 of your Real Estate business cards (per listing)
2. Pay someone or peel and stick these stickers on the backside of your card
3. Give these to your sellers IMMEDIATELY after your listing goes live. Explain to them that you have already created them a website for their home and that you are going to publish their home all over the internet and you need their help getting this website (their home) out, and we like to start with all of the people they work with and socialize with…
(a great opportunity for you to showcase (a) your technology, and (b) your service to your sellers – no one else is doing this!!!) I GUARANTEE that you will get a buyer or seller referal from this technology almost instantly…
Call me for more information on how easy this technology is to implement…
Dedicated To Your Success,