Agent Online REv | Interview With Nick Smoot, (Demo)

I say this often when I come across something “profound”, so I will say it again – “I recommend that you take the next 15 minutes to shut your door, turn off your cell phone and listen to a few of the things that Nick Smoot with has to say about mobile tech, marketing in today’s market (and tomorrow’s), and how to stand out from your competition. (PLEASE EXCUSE THE HUGE TYPE-O ON THE SCREEN – His name is Nick Smoot (not Snoot), with

I currently implement this type of marketing with my preferred real estate agent partners and will be switching over to this platform in the coming months… If you would like to see how I as a mortgage banker help my agents use mobile tech to sell homes, use single property websites to attract more buyers and sellers, and dominate a geographic farm (neighborhood) using Facebook, message me below. More so, if you are interested in working with me and my mortgage banking team to grow your online, Web 2.0 business, contact me directly or CLICK HERE for more information.

As well, I welcome any questions that you have related to the interview above!