A Realtor In Vancouver, WA With 365 Things To Do, A Sugar Cookie, and Tori Spelling (Demo)

Hey NW Real Estate Agent Network peeps! So, I attended Agent Reboot in Seattle and had the opportunity to listen and meet up afterward with speakers Dale Chumbley- Vancouver, WA Realtor, Michael McClure- Professional One Real Estate Broker/Franchiser, Darin Persinger- Real Estate Coach, Teri-Lyn Conrad Lansing Vancouver BC Realtor, and Kelley Skar- Realtor in Calgary, Canada. The people that I mentioned above are absolutely #GAME CHANGERS (that hash is for you Dale) in their local market place but more so, are single handedly responsible for changing how I operate my business on and offline moving forward.

I am not going to blog about the actual event right now, you’ll get plenty more of that from me. What I am going to share with you is how real life (jenny cookies) just yesterday met up with everything I have been talking about at Coffee with Keller and here on NW Real Estate Agent Network over the past month… you’re gonna like this!

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