2011 FHA Approved Condo Guidelines | HUD Approval & Re-Approval Process (Demo)

2011 HUD Approved CondosPrevious FHA Condo Approval Guidelines stated that if a condo building had not already been pre-approved by FHA, the FHA buyer would have to go through a “spot approval” process, wherein the particular unit the buyer wished to purchase would be cleared for FHA financing.  Well, similar to everything else in our industry, that changed in 2010.  FHA did away with the spot approval process, causing many buyers (and even agents) to think that if a building is not already pre-approved with FHA, then a buyer cannot use FHA financing to purchase within it.  That is incorrect, however, and the new process may even be MORE beneficial to FHA buyers.  Here are the new guidelines:

There are two ways to approve a condominium for FHA financing that is not already approved on the FHA web site:
     (1) HRAP – go through HUD for condo approval — this can take 4 to 6 weeks.
     (2) DELRAP – go through a direct endorsement lender who has authority to approve the condo.  For example: I have a bank that has a project approval team that can approve a project in 7-9 business days (some lenders may take over 30 days to approve a condo).

If you would like to know the exact steps and process for getting a condominium complex approved or re-approved, I have detailed the process as well as supported the documentation that you will need to gather.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at dan.mortgageadvisor@gmail.com and my team can take care of this process for you and your builder/condo community. 

– HUD condo approval link:   https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/condlook.cfm

– Read the HUD/FHA Mortgagee Letter detailing the HUD revised Condo Approval Requirements

– 2011  Condo Approval and Re-Approval Questionnaire

When you visit the  HUD Approved Condo Link   you are only going to see 2 options to chose from: (1). HRAP/DELRAP and (2) Pre-HRAP/DELRAP  (the Pre-HRAP/DELRAP condos just need to re-apply for approval… See “Condo Approval Questionnaire” above) 

1. The cost to get an existing condo approved is $300
2. The cost of getting a new condominium approved is $1,000, which the developer normally will cover
Once a condo is approved, it is posted to HUD’s web page and added to the Approved List.  Once a condo is added to the approved list, any lender can use the approval.
Scenario 1 – The condo is already approved – go to the FHA condo approval web site (https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/condlook.cfm to see if the condo is already on the approved list (must fall under the HRAP/DELRAP list).  If it is, only ONE additional item is needed — the FHA condo checklist (attached).  As you’ll see, this checklist is only seven questions and is used to make sure that the condominium remains sound and still conforms to FHA’s approval criteria. If a building is on the approved list, but the checklist reveals an item that no longer conforms to FHA’s guidelines, the condo will not be eligible for FHA financing.
Example:  A condo is on the approved list, but the FHA checklist reveals a 60% investor ratio
This form should be completed as soon as you get a condo listing and as soon as you write an offer on a condo (and before the appraisal is ordered).  Since the checklist is only seven questions, the Management Company should be able to answer them rather quickly.
Scenario 2 – The condo is NOT Approved –  if after checking the FHA condo approval website you learn that the project is not approved, I will need to start the approval process.  The necessary documentation varies depending on the “Property Classification”, or whether the condo is existing, new construction, or conversion.  My FHA Mortgage Banking team  will work with the management company/developer to get the required documentation for the full FHA approval.  This information includes the condo questionnaire, HOA budget, recorded declarations, condo/plat map, flood certification, insurance, etc.
 I know this is a lot of information, so here is a quick rundown of the important points

  • always check the FHA Approval website as soon as you get a condo listing or get a condo buyer
  • the appraisal should not be ordered until the condo has been approved AND the FHA checklist has been received
  • if the condo is not on the approved list, the lender will need to approve the project, which will take extra time
  • even if the condo is on the list, the FHA checklist is still required to ensure that it’s still within FHA’s guidelines

In the end, if HUD/FHA turns out to NOT be an option, then please contact me and I can go over the FANNIE MAE or portfolio banking options of funding your mortgage loan for you. 

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